Infographics, conferences & blogging success

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February has been the busiest month so far and there is a certain feeling of relief now that it has ended. A feeling of accomplishment too.

Picture from Campus London
Picture from Campus London

I recently signed up for an online course on the Secret Power of Brands run by UEA via FutureLearn. I am new to marketing, brands and enterprise. So I think this course will help me get an introduction of branding and help my daily work too (London Met FUTURE is a new brand at the faculty, so not so far fetched).

Last time I told you that we were about to host the first FLSC Business & Employability Competition. It was a very interesting experience and I think it went quite well. Since it was our first, there is space for improvement, as always. To see how it all went, you can read the article on our webpage.

Check out the full website version!
Check out the full website version!

Last Thursday I went to “Embedding an Enterprising Curriculum across the University or College” conference at London South Bank University, organised by EEUK and HEEG. Most attendees were much more experienced in enterprise education than me, I was probably the only recent graduate there (as is often the case when it comes to the events I go to). I wrote a post about the conference on my personal blog and shared it on Twitter. Didn’t really think much about it after that but… EEUK not only retweeted it but also put it on their webpage! Check it out!  It absolutely made my day & week. (Social media does work!)

Then Friday came and I went to a Digital Communications workshop by Rowan Arts and got some useful tips for my daily work on social media.

I also helped organise a research talk on 3D modelling of dance, which took place last Monday. Read our latest newsletter to find out how it went! (SPOILER ALERT: it went really well!)

Hmmmm…What else…


Yesterday I went to a class at the General Assembly, called “Introduction to Infographics”. It’s pretty much what it says on the tin 🙂

The tutor Alan Rutter covered:

  • Key principles of information design
  • The creative process for creating infographics
  • Design and layout tips and tricks
  • The infographics toolkit
A slide from the presentation by Alan Rutter
A slide from the presentation by Alan Rutter

And my next “worry” is an event “Working in ebola diagnostic lab: a report from the field”, 27th Feb (Fri) 12:30 in TG-30. It should be a really exciting talk by our alumni Cristina who now works for PHE. Tickets going fast, fingers crossed!

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