I have a pot plant! And it is still alive.

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After a while the word “busy” kinda loses meaning, or at least significance. We are all very busy. That aside, do you have another excuse?

* * *

a1670deb0c9f02a329139d3172e1b1ddWhat have I been up to? Well, we recently had our BSc Biomedical Science alumna Cristina Leggio come back to our university and share her experience of working in an ebola diagnostic lab in Sierra Leone. My role in that? Organised the talk and wrote a short news article on it, have a look. Those who can become awesome biomedical scientists – do that, those who can’t – write about it. 

Talking about events, my next seminar is this Friday, 13th March, on how to become a business psychologist. It is a niche subject (I think), so I’m not expecting a crowd. It started with the very successful event “How to become a biomedical scientist?” and then we decided to make series “How to become…” with one seminar per school. This is the second one. Fingers crossed. And see our weekly newsletter!

Also, Student Horizon conference is coming up and I will be writing a news item about and be the designated photographer for the event. Really looking forward to it. I do recommend you drop by!

Teaser videos… Some of the things I come up with turn out to be pretty great. This is one of them. The student video diaries I have been making with another intern, Hasith, will be put online soon, but until then, I thought I would make some teaser videos to show what is coming… Watch away what Bianca (BSc Psychology), Mateus (BSc Biotechnology) and Winter (BSc Games Modelling, Animation and Effects. phew, I managed to remember this!) have to say!

do it with passion or not at all

Training. Not the gym of course! Who am I kidding… In the last few weeks I attended a Guardian masterclass on digital marketing, a blogging workshop at the General Assembly and a full day business communications workshop at the university.

Oh, and I got a pot plant. Seriously. The perks of having a pretty big office space. A pink hyacinth. At least the label says it will be pink, I guess we’ll soon find out. I am not very good with plants so if this one survives, it will totally go on my internship report: “Learnt how to take care of a pot plant”. Check.

This blog post is a part of http://www.FLSCinterns.wordpress.com


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