14 science policy blogs everybody should follow

Photo: Andres Zenteno. science policy blogs uk
Photo: Andres Zenteno

Information overload. As if there weren’t enough problems.

With science facing so many challenges right now (EU membership referendum and comprehensive spending review, among others), it is important for all of us stay tuned (scary articles regarding the science funding are published almost daily, you wouldn’t want to miss out, otherwise, where will you get your horror stories?).

While tabloids will get the main message across, you might want to look at these 14 blogs that will give you an idea on what happens behind the scene in science policy.

To start with:

…and then there are blogs by learned societies:

..and one special recommendation:

  • For conservation enthusiasts it is a must to follow the blog by James Borrell. In December 2015 he is leading an international conservation expedition to Northern Madagascar (how cool!) & believes there is still hope for conservation! You’d better do too!

This is just my personal selection, if there is anything you’d like to add, drop a line in the comment box at the bottom of the page.