My time in science policy

This year I had the great experience of supervising a policy intern, who worked with me at both, the Biochemical Society and the Royal Society of Biology for over two months. See how it went and read why Michael thinks it is important for all students to undertake internships outside their field and (often) outside their comfort zone!

Biochemical Society

By Michael Wood, Policy Intern at the Biochemical Society (January – March 2016) and PhD student, University of Leicester

VOF_MichaelIt is almost impossible to know if you will like a job before starting, by which point it is usually too late to change your mind. Internships offer the freedom to spend some time exploring a job without any long-term obligations and can therefore be a perfect introduction to a new field of work. As part of the first year of my doctoral training programme , I was encouraged to spend three months in an area of science outside of research. Admittedly, I was not looking forward to this and considered it a waste of time that could be better spent getting on with my research project. This was partially due to the fact that I had almost no idea what area I would like to do my internship in, but after…

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