Insights into animal research

Biochemical Society

By Gabriele Butkute, Science Policy Assistant at the Biochemical Society and the Royal Society of Biology

Animal research has led to the development of asthma inhalers, anaesthetics, vaccines and antibiotics. I’d be surprised if there was a person who hasn’t benefited from at least

UAR 5Image: Understanding Animal Research

one of the above. Yet, there are many people who oppose animal research and still associate it with testing cosmetics, which has been illegal in the UK and EU since 1998 and 2013 respectively. A recent survey by UAR has showed that only 38% were aware of this.

As a signatory of the Concordat on Openness on Animal Research, the Biochemical Society was recently offered a visit to the King’s College London animal research facility which was kindly organised by Understanding Animal Research. King’s College London was awarded the Openness Award due to its outstanding achievements in raising awareness of…

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