Science policy: the whys and hows of science and research

My first blog post for GlamSci series.


gabi_portrait_900x1200-websiteWhy do some countries allow genetically modified food and others don’t? Who decides how much money the country spends on scientific research? Why are the ethnic minorities, women and LGBT communities underrepresented in science? Human population is increasing and so is the challenge of food security: what can we do about it? How can the countries around the world work together to tackle antimicrobial resistance or climate change? Three-parent babies: is this ethically appropriate and if so, when? How do we communicate sensitive topics, such as genome editing, to the general public? This is just a tiny fraction of what topics science policy includes.

I’m sure you would have heard about most of them but simply didn’t know that it was called science policy. A great deal of it involves dealing with and influencing the Government and the Members of Parliament. But that certainly isn’t my daily bread and…

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