#MoreToScience – what’s it like to be a science writer?

Continuing the GlamSci series, this time about careers outside the lab – science writing.


I’m very keen on making it clear that there is #MoreToScience (what a lovely hashtag!) than the lab. In December, when I started this blog series, I promised you that I would introduce you to more career options after a science degree, in addition to science policy. I didn’t need to look far, only around my office, to find a bunch of science-educated people who found fulfilling careers outside the lab. They have kindly volunteered their time to tell you a little bit about themselves and the work they do.

In the future you will read about people working in education policy, marketing, training and public engagement. First story is about working in science writing (it is as cool as it sounds!).


SONY DSCTom Ireland, Science writer and Editor of The Biologist magazine

I chose to pursue a career in biology because… as a child I was obsessed with finding…

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