14 science policy blogs everybody should follow

Photo: Andres Zenteno. science policy blogs uk
Photo: Andres Zenteno

Information overload. As if there weren’t enough problems.

With science facing so many challenges right now (EU membership referendum and comprehensive spending review, among others), it is important for all of us stay tuned (scary articles regarding the science funding are published almost daily, you wouldn’t want to miss out, otherwise, where will you get your horror stories?).

While tabloids will get the main message across, you might want to look at these 14 blogs that will give you an idea on what happens behind the scene in science policy. Continue reading


I don’t know what to believe

Via This is Colossal
Via This is Colossal

The post was originally published on the Royal Society of Biology blog on 21 September 2015.

There is a huge appetite for science stories in the news, however, we cannot help but wonder whether everything we read is accurate or rather just a marketing ploy (some of the stories do sound too good to be true). We have all seen headlines that don’t always reflect the content due to the lack of evidence to support it, or worse yet – no evidence at all.

At our recent Policy Lunchbox Dr Chris Peters, scientific liaison at Sense About Science, shared an overview of their work, and in particular, his experience running Plant Science and Energy Panels – public spaces where anyone who has a question on these topics (eg. GM, bees and pesticides, biofuels, fracking) can submit a question to be answered by a specialist researcher. Continue reading

Science graduates in white coats: is that all there is?

If you are a third year student, you will be familiar with the question “so, what are you doing after you graduate?” You are getting frustrated just by reading that, aren’t you? Some people have known what they want to do since their first day at university and never change their minds. However, most of us aren’t that lucky – we have a vague idea of our future, but as our studies progress we see the picture in our head change, often causing a fair bit of anxiety because you had it “all figured out” and now you feel lost.

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