6 emotional stages of event planning

You’ve probably seen diagrams and articles of the stages involved in event management. Usually they look something like this: planning, promotion, event, follow-through.

Well, how useful is that? They don’t tell you anything about what is happening in the event planner’s head. So let me walk you through the 6 emotional stages of event management.

6 is a number I picked. It is neither wrong nor correct. I would love to hear about your emotional ups and downs, and what makes you tick. And click. And go crazy.

Stage #1: The conception of the idea

For some people this is the highest excitement point. I am usually a bit sceptical and cautious at this time and say things like this during the team meetings: “Well, yes, this is a great idea, I just need to think it through and get back to you”. Or just smile. That often works too. Basically, I just don’t want say an impulsive “yes”, and then find myself organising an event I don’t believe in, in a way that won’t work.

Stage #2: Planning of the promotionevent management planning to-do list marketing

Keep in mind, this is the “planning of the promotion”, not yet the promotion itself. For some of you this is one and the same but for me, this is all about making colour coded todo lists and writing the deadlines down. And then I hang it on the wall. Most people put pictures of their families up or artsy posters. Yeah, I don’t do that stuff. My to-do lists are pieces of art (to me, you got the right to have a slightly different opinion).
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